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Clinical Lite Stethoscope

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Our lightest weight Clinical Stethoscope ever! Weighing in at only 4 oz. this scope is made of anodized aluminum, giving it both strength and durability along with the comfort of its ultra light weight. All parts are latex free and it comes with the Prestige Medical Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Clinical I Stethoscope

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High performance and outstanding acoustics are the hallmark of the Clinical I. By using a stainless steel chestpiece and stainless steel binaurals, the Clinical I incorporates the most effective sound conducting metal available. The Extra Thick Walled Single Tubing™ with an inside alloy sound conductor assures the clear and crisp transmission of sound. The Clinical I includes two sizes of eartips which seal out extraneous noise while providing superior comfort. An easy to use snap-on rim and diaphragm help to make the Clinical I an outstanding performer. Extra diaphragm included. Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Clinical Cardiology Stethoscope

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A classic design and superior acoustics make the Clinical Cardiology the finest in auditory diagnostics. Incorporating a two tubes-in-one design for the clearest sound transmission and stainless steel construction, the Clinical Cardiology uses the finest sound conducting design and materials available. The deep bell is shaped for optimum sound detection and comes with a wide non-chill ring. Each Clinical Cardiology offers two sizes of soft eartips which deliver sounds accurately by protecting the user from outside noise while providing unsurpassed comfort. A convenient snap-on rim and diaphragm compliment the advanced design and ease of use of the Clinical Cardiology. Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Traditional Sprague

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The most widely used stethoscope in the healthcare industry. Five stethoscopes-in-one design. Comes with a full accessory pouch with interchangeable parts to customize to the user’s needs. Features dual 22” PVC tubing for clear sound transmission and threaded soft eartips. The rugged chrome plated zinc alloy chestpiece and chrome plated brass binaurals are built to withstand the most demanding of working environments. Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Littmann Cardiology III

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Superior versatility and outstanding acoustics with two patented tunable diaphragms on stainless steel two-sided chestpiece. Headset assembly, with double lumen binaurals, is permanently set at an anatomically correct angle to minimize air leaks and prevent loosening over time. Two-tubes-in-one design reduces noise from two tubes rubbing together. Soft-Sealing eartips ensure an excellent acoustical seal in the ear canal with maximum comfort.


Littmann Classic II

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The dual-frequency, “tunable” diaphragm allows the user to listen to both low and high frequency sounds by simply alternating pressure on the chestpiece. Firm pressure allows the user to hear high frequency sounds. Ease off to light “skin contact” and the diaphragm lets you hear low frequency sounds (previously heard using the traditional bell).


Replacement eartips for Littman

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Littmann soft-sealing small eartips, snap-tight.


Replacement Diaphragm

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Diaphragm for Littmann stethoscopes. Snap-on rim not included.


Replacement Chill Ring

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Snap-on rim for Littmann stethoscopes. Diaphragm not included.


Nylon Blood Pressure Cuff

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Our economy aneroid. Features include a high-strength nylon cuff with Index and Range markings, gauge holder, and artery indicator label. Also includes a standard inflation bulb and a precision calibrated manometer gauge. One Year Calibration Warranty.


Deluxe Blood Pressure Cuff

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Our most popular nylon aneroid series. Features a durable nylon cuff with Index and Range markings, gauge holder, and artery indicator label. Also includes a heavy duty vulcanized bladder, standard inflation bulb, and a precision calibrated manometer gauge. Lifetime Calibration Warranty.


Trauma Shears

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Same features as the No. 870, but with 7 1/2” length for EMT’s.


Lister Bandage Scissors

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5 1/2” Lister Bandage Scissors



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Clip activated disposable penlights. Made in U.S.A.


Nurse Watch

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Bottoms Up Nurse Betty decorative face.


Scrub Watch

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White case with matching resin band. Designed with the durability and versatility that a scrub nurse needs.


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